Earthquake Retrofit Los Angeles

Earthquake Mediation ServiceCalifornia Seismic Retrofitters is proud to serve the city of Los Angeles! We’ve been providing everything from soft story and foundation retrofitting to earthquake retrofitting cripple walls for decades in the Los Angeles area, and we take pride in the help that we’ve contributed to our friends and neighbors!

Residential Earthquake Retrofit

With our residential earthquake retrofit, we construct and design any home to withstand seismic hits of the greatest magnitudes. It’s important to us that your home keeps you and your family safe, which is why when we’re retrofitting the foundation of your home, or when we’re doing a soft story retrofit, we take care to ensure that every detail is carefully executed to perfection.

We only use the highest quality cement for your foundation, and we use the strongest and most sturdy beams to secure your home in our seismic retrofit. We’ll even handle all under-pinning needed!

Make sure to call us about our residential earthquake retrofit in Los Angeles!

Earthquake Retrofit Contractors in Los Angeles

All of our seismic retrofitting is done by the most competent contractors in Los Angeles, CA. There’s no better assurance that the earthquake retrofit contractors we hire are licensed to secure your home and protect it from natural disaster. Earthquake retrofitting costs won’t mean a thing unless you use the highest quality guys to get the job done right!

Our home is right here in Los Angeles, and our neighbors and community mean the world to us. We put our backs into the work that we provide to show the love that we have for our home.

Be sure to contact us today for a quote on earthquake retrofitting cost!

Seismic Retrofitting of Buildings

The process of seismic retrofitting of buildings is rather complex and a whole lot of work. That’s why the cost of an earthquake retrofit is the way it is. There are several different techniques that can be applied to your home or building to ensure it’s safety during natural disaster.

In some cases we may add braces to the exterior of the structure to balance the impact, and thus reducing the overall harm to any one area. This is more commonly known as external post tensioning, and can greatly decrease the damage to your structure.

In other cases we may use base isolaters that will decrease the total distribution of the shaking that is caused during an earthquake. Base isolaters are one of the main ways that seismic retrofitting is done.

We can also sometimes use supplementary dampers that will help reduce shaking in a seismic event and help save your home!

So if you’d like to get a quote for the cost of seismic retrofitting, or if you’ve already decided to get a residential earthquake retrofit in Los Angeles, please give us a call right away!


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